Four key points to teach you how to do well in website construction and design

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Although there are many kinds of websites now, some websites can be very attractive, while others can be turned off at a glance. The main reason is that the design difference is too big. If you want to make your website attractive enough, you must design it well; if you don't have your own design team, you can only find Guizhou website construction and design company. But how to distinguish the level of website construction and design services?

Guizhou website construction also has some rules. As long as the design team follows these rules, it is a qualified design

1. Simplicity

Some novices always like to put all the information on the home page of the website when building the website, which leads to the disorder of the website. This is a very wrong approach. When building a website, we must avoid the piling up of content, and try to show them concisely, clearly and methodically.

Website construction design should avoid too much fancy design, otherwise visitors will be at a loss. Simple and clear web page will facilitate users to find the content they need, so you only need to do a good job of introduction, product list and navigation, and then customize the design according to the characteristics of the enterprise. At the same time, the webpage is clean and simple, and the layout is clear, which is also conducive to the search engine collection and increase their exposure. In a word, the overall design style of the website should follow the principle of "simple but not simple".

2. Unity

Unity means that the overall color style of a website is consistent and has a unified nature. The various components of a visual object, such as color, shape, size and other attributes remain unified, so the relationship between these parts seems to be closer than that between other parts, so that visitors can show a distinctive visual whole and deepen the impression of customers.

3. Good level

For a high-quality website, there should be logic between the various functions and content sections, and no elements can be randomly placed or scribbled together. The correct way is to coordinate the important elements through grid layout, so that the whole website layout has a systematic arrangement level, and the webpage has a logical connection from top to bottom and from left to right, which conforms to the reading logic of visitors, so as to form a clear visual process. For example, the clothing website made by the "online" website building system in the figure below has a sense of hierarchy, making the website look simple and beautiful.

4. Purpose

What's your goal in building this website? What are the main target groups? What kind of effect do you want to achieve? These must think clearly before building the station. For example, to build a beauty website, the design should be small, fresh and soft; to build a technology website, the design should be serious and professional. The purpose of website design is to serve your purpose and target group, so your overall design style should be consistent with the purpose of building the website, otherwise it will look like nothing.

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