What is the difference between web design and graphic design?

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Although both web design and graphic design in Guizhou are art design, there are many differences between web design and graphic design. So what is the difference between web design and graphic design?

1、 It lies in the presentation of vision

The two designs have different choices in terms of color. The color patterns used in the design of plane and web page are different. Plane page design uses color in its creativity, and pays attention to the visual impact and visual flow guidance. Web page design focuses on information structure, concise and clear relationship. If the use of color is too heavy or too strong, it will be very easy It causes users' visual fatigue when browsing. Graphic design because of the late realization is to rely on printing, in order to show in the user experience of vision, so we must use the color mode of CMYK; web design is based on its imaging mode, in the Internet to show the real vision, so the use of RGB color mode.

2、 It's in the form of presentation

Graphic design is static, while web design has many dynamic elements, including buttons, forms, navigation and so on. It is also rich in vision and not so rigid. Only in this way can it guide users to have the possibility to continue to watch and increase the interactivity of users.

3、 It's the focus of vision

The integrity of graphic design is strong, users can basically get a relatively intuitive feeling in one page. Web design is limited by the size of the screen, and will display important information in the screen as much as possible, so the integrity is relatively weak.

4、 It lies in the design of typesetting

In terms of content communication, graphic design paper media has little communication power, so the flexibility of content typesetting is limited by the size of paper printing. The website design can flexibly appear in a variety of electronic products, such as desktop display, smart phones, tablet computers and so on. And with the development of Internet technology, adaptive page technology is becoming more and more mature, the same content, in different sizes of the browser can get the same typesetting effect, strengthen the flexibility of page content typesetting.

5、 It's the way you browse

Graphic design is a progressive way of browsing, which can't connect the whole browsing process in a variety of ways. Web design has a variety of ways of browsing information, such as scroll bar drop-down, button link jump and so on. Under the condition of having the same information architecture, the connectivity between information is more abundant, and users choose more information.

This paper mainly introduces the technical differences between web design and graphic design. From the perspective of design, web design is close to graphic design, and even web design is a kind of graphic design, but web design does have its uniqueness, such as the design space and design mode of web design, which is very different from graphic design.

Guizhou web design share: these two design forms have different user experience, we should according to different design content, choose the right design form to improve the user experience.

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