Six principles of more characteristic website construction

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There are many reasons to build a website. Building a good website is an important way to show the corporate image, introduce products and services, and reflect the development strategy of the enterprise. Therefore, before the construction of the website, we must make clear the purpose and user needs of the website, so as to make a feasible design plan.

To build a website, we should make a comprehensive analysis according to the needs of consumers, the situation of the market, and the situation of the enterprise itself. We should keep in mind that we should design and plan with "customer" rather than "art". At the beginning of the design and planning, we also consider: what is the purpose of building the website? For whom to provide services and products? What kind of products and services can enterprises provide? What is the purpose of the website? What are the characteristics of consumers and audiences? What kind of expression (style) is suitable for enterprise products and services? Now, Guizhou Fuhai Wanqi Technology Co., Ltd. will share with you the characteristics of website design, which should be followed What are the principles of the system.

The theme of the overall design is distinct

On the basis of a clear goal, complete the conception of the website, that is, the overall design. Positioning the overall style and characteristics of the website, planning the organizational structure of sunglasses website construction website. Web sites should have different forms according to different service objects (institutions or people). Some sites only provide simple text information; others use multimedia techniques to provide gorgeous images, flashing lights, complex page layout, and even download sound and video clips. A good web site combines graphic representation with effective organization and communication. To achieve a clear and prominent theme, clear points, to reflect the theme of the site in a simple and clear language and screen. Mobilize all means to fully show the personality and interest of the website, and create the characteristics of the website. The basic components of the homepage of a web site include: Construction of a watch website, page header: accurately identify your site and enterprise logo; email address: to receive users' inquiries; contact information: such as ordinary email address or telephone number; copyright information: to declare the copyright owner, etc. Pay attention to reuse existing information. For example, customer manual, public relation document, technical manual and database can be easily used in enterprise web site.

Layout design of website

As a visual language, web design should pay attention to the layout and layout of the website construction of the watch industry. Although the design of the home page is not the same as the graphic design, they have many similarities, which should be fully utilized and used for reference. Layout design expresses harmony and beauty through the spatial combination of characters and graphics. A web page designer should also know which paragraph of text and graphics should be located in order to make the whole page bright. The layout design of multi page site page requires to reflect the organic relationship between the pages, especially to deal with the relationship between the order and content between the pages and within the page. In order to achieve the visual effect, we should pay attention to the rationality of the overall layout, so that visitors have a smooth visual experience.

The role of color in Web Design

Color is one of the elements of artistic expression. In web design, according to the principle of harmony, balance and prominence, different colors are combined to form a beautiful page. According to the influence of color on people's psychology, it should be used reasonably. According to the principle of color memory, generally warm color has stronger memory than cool color; color also has association and symbolic material, such as red symbolizes blood and sun; blue symbolizes sea, sky and water, etc. Therefore, the design of virtual stores selling cold food should use elegant and quiet colors to make people feel cool psychologically. There is no limit on the number of colors used in the website construction of watch enterprises, but we can't use a variety of colors without restraint. Generally speaking, we should first determine one or two main colors according to the requirements of the overall style, and those with CIS (Corporate Identity System) should use colors according to VI.

In the process of using color, we should also pay attention to the following problems: due to the differences of race, religion and belief, as well as the differences of geographical location and cultural accomplishment, different people have great differences in the degree of liking and hating color. For example: children like strong contrast and distinct personality of pure color; people living in the grassland like red; people living in the downtown like elegant color; people living in the desert like green. The background and composition of the main readers should be considered in the design.

Unification of web page form and content

In order to organize the rich meaning and various forms into a unified page structure, the formal language must conform to the content of the page and reflect the rich meaning of the content. By means of contrast and harmony, symmetry and balance, rhythm and rhythm, as well as leaving blank in the website construction of watch line, the overall balance state is established through the relationship among space, text and graphics, and the harmonious aesthetic feeling is generated. For example, symmetry principle in page design, its balance sometimes makes the page appear rigid, but if you add some dynamic words, patterns, or use exaggeration to express the content, it will often achieve better results. As the basic elements of visual language, dot, line and surface should use the page effect of dot, line and surface interpenetrating, setting off and complementing each other. The use of point, line and surface in web design is not isolated. Many times, they need to be combined to express the perfect design mood.

The constitution of three dimensional space and virtual reality

The three-dimensional space on the Internet is a hypothetical space. The spatial relationship of Changsha website construction company needs the help of dynamic and static changes, image proportion and other spatial factors. In the page, the image, text position before and after the overlay, or page position changes produced by the visual effects are different. At present, there are few space levels formed by the overlapping of pictures and words. There are more standard and concise pages on the Internet. This kind of overlapping arrangement can produce strong rhythm space levels and strong visual effect. On the web page, it is common to see the spatial relationship generated by the up, down, left, right and middle position of the page, and the spatial level generated by the dense position relationship. These two kinds of position relationship make the spatial level elastic, and also make people feel relaxed or urgent. Now, people are not satisfied with the two-dimensional web page compiled by HTML language, and the temptation of three-dimensional world begins to attract more people. Virtual reality wants to show its charming style on the web, so VRML language appears. VRML is an object-oriented language, which is similar to the HTML language used by web hyperlinks. It is also a text-based language, and can run on a variety of platforms, but it can serve the virtual reality environment more.

Utilization of multimedia function

One of the advantages of network resources in Guizhou website construction is multimedia function. To attract the attention of the website production company, the content of the page can be expressed by 3D animation, flash, etc. However, it should be noted that due to the network bandwidth, the transmission speed of the client should be considered when using multimedia to represent the content of the web page.

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